No Cell Phone Brain Tumors Please

No Cell Phone Brain Tumors Please

Still holding your unprotected phone next to your head? Cell Phone manufacturer place warnings inside your phone’s manual and inside the operation system under the legal section. These warnings state that your radiation levels using the device can surpass unsafe levels when hold next to your head.

Everybody holds the phone to their head. Will the this generation experience insurmountable cases of brain tumors?

The wireless industry continuously puts out publications that there really is no solid evidence there is a problem. But if this were true, then why put the warning in the manual. Its protection against law suits for the unfortunately souls that get the brain tumors.

Cruz phone cases ( are one of the best options on the market to protect yourself from the powerful cell phone signals that are directed into your brain every time you use your phone.

We did find one solution to this problem that we like. Found John Cruz of Cruz cases designed a phone case that is successfully blocking the cell phone radio signals that are going into your brain every time that you use your phone or carry the phone in your pocket.

Cruz cases are manufactured correctly. It has been tested by Alpha labs manufacture of radiation detection meters. And Cruz phone cases work.

Other protective phone cases place shielding on the back of the phone. This is horrible and completely wrong. These phone case, like Pong cases, will reflect the radiation back towards the front of the phone increasing your exposure to the brain.

I started using a Cruz case. And I love it. Well done Cruz phone Cases. You can find Cruz Cases in online retail stores, in retail shops and on Amazon. More information found at