Never have a blank TV screen: Recharging online

Never have a blank TV screen: Recharging online

Why interrupt your TV watching experience just because you forgot to recharge? Online DTH recharge is quick and easy.

Let’s face it – nobody likes paying their bills. You have to spend a lot of money on paying bills and doing recharges of different kinds, and it happens every single month. At times you might not be in the city, but you are still reminded of bill payments and recharges via SMS and emails. At work or on holiday, there is no escaping the recharge and bill payment cycle!

But you will be somewhat better inclined to do the recharges if there was a promise of getting some cash back or discount on it, right? That’s not a dream we are pitching to you, it can actually happen. A lot of service providers today offer customers prepaid and DTH recharges with cashback offers and heavy discounts. So every time you recharge DTH, it’s money returned to you!

So, go ahead and do the DTH recharge online, from anywhere and at any time, and get the most of out of it.

How to get cashback and other offers for DTH recharge

There are several online third party payment platforms in operation that exist solely for recharges and bill payment purposes. They offer incentives for recharging DTH and prepaid, paying utility and phone bills, etc. with cashback, discounts, free talk time, and other recharge offers that can be availed on the next recharge. Many people use these platforms because they help save a portion of their money with every transaction.

Of all the online payment terminals, we strongly recommend that you opt for leading ones like Airtel Money, which is a comprehensive platform for a variety of recharges and bill payments. You don’t even have to be an Airtel subscriber to use the platform.

  • It offers you various recharge and bill payment options.
  • You can use the money in your Airtel Payments Money account, or use net banking or your debit/credit card to do the recharge or pay your bills.
  • From utility bills to broadband, and from DTH recharge to prepaid, every kind of bill can be paid in mere minutes on this portal.
  • If you are an existing Airtel customer, the DTH recharge is effected simply via the instant online recharge and payments option. You can recharge your DTH account and get Rs. 50 cashback. There are also periodic incentives with cashback on recharging the Airtel Infinity or other packs.
  • Airtel has also tied up with other third party payment platforms to offer more benefit to customers – if you recharge the DTH from the third party platform, you still get cashback that is effected by Airtel.

The online recharge ensures that your TV screen is never blank and out of channels. So go ahead and recharge online every month!