Internet Keeps Crashing – Learn to Fix Internet Problems

Internet Keeps Crashing – Learn to Fix Internet Problems

Web browser crashing issue is generally felt by the web users. This issue can happen in a variety of situations like adware and spyware infected, malfunctioning add-ons are set up, and so forth.

Scan your pc

Internet keeps crashing whenever a virus is infected for your computer. Scan the entire computer with a decent anti-virus and take away the infections, or no.

Scan your Registry

Registry problems, incorrect configurations within the internet browser registry records cause internet keeps crashing. Scan your registry, fix the interior issues and restart your pc. Download good Registry Scanner software.

Disable Malfunctioning Add-Ons

Add-Ons make reference to the 3rd party objects, elements installed to some internet browser. They provide various functionalities associated with your internet experience. By disabling the malfunctioning add-ons, you might fix internet keeps crashing problem.

1. Open your internet browser.

2. Click Tools Manage Add-Ons in situation of Ie.

3. Choose the All Add-Ons option in the Show drop lower box.

4. Choose the 3rd party add-on which isn’t functioning correctly, and click on Disable button.

5. Click Close button and restart your internet browser.

Disable Sandbox Feature

Internet keeps crashing if Google Chrome is running with Sandbox feature. Disable it in order to repair the problem.

1. Click Start button.

2. Type Google Chrome.

3. In the Search Engine Results, right click Google Chrome result, and choose Qualities option.

4. You might even see a way to Google Chrome. Modify it so the following line should appear alongside it:


5. Click Apply OK.

Stop 3rd Party Services

When you are browsing, attempt to steer clear of the 3rd party services so the maximum focus of the computer is going to be in your internet browser.

Make use of a System Utilities software which includes a built-in Services Optimizer feature. You don’t need finding and disabling the unwanted services, because it will work this instantly for you personally. Simply click Optimize Services.

Boost the Security Level to High

Internet keeps crashing when the spywares are benefiting from low/ medium level browser security. Following would be the steps for Ie users:

1. Open Ie.

2. Click Tools Internet Options.

3. Click Security tab.

4. Slowly move the Security Level with this Zone sidebar to High option.

5. Click Apply OK.

Disable Toolbars

3rd party toolbars placed on your internet browser sometimes make internal problems and internet keeps crashing. To repair the problem you need to disable these toolbars.

1. Open your internet browser.

2. Click View Toolbars.

3. Uncheck the toolbar that you don’t desire to continue that internet browser.

Install Latest Patches & Updates

Live current. Installing and installing the most recent patches released from your internet browser manufacturer may stop fixing internet keeps crashing issue.

1. Click Start.

2. Type Home windows Update and press ENTER.

3. Click Look for Updates and stick to the on the watch’s screen instructions.

Clean Web History

Utilizing a System Utilities software, delete all of the browsing history, including saved passwords and internet cache. This might help fixing the issue.