Important Information on Setting up Jobs Using ArchiverFS As well As Price

Important Information on Setting up Jobs Using ArchiverFS As well As Price

ArchiverFS is compatible 100% with all versions of DFS. Since ArchiverFS works on the level of the files and does not need any client side software of low level file system drives, it has seamless integrate with all features of windows including DFS.

Targeting the live file system

When setting up archiving jobs to run that targets a DFS share, it is vital that you think about how ArchiverFS works – everything is bases on UNC pathways.

  • Live locations are added to a job by their UNC pathway.
  • Archive destinations are added to a job also by UNC pathway.
  • When shortcuts are developed of any type, they much point to moved files by their UNC pathway.


When any job is setup using this software, the goalis to point ArchiverFS at a DFS based file system using the domain based pathway and not the server based pathway. If you use a server based pathway in a DFS setup with many real servers supporting a domain based DFS, then files that get moved will be marked as having been moved from the single server and not the DFS root path. This can cause many problems.

A note about replication

If you use a based file system on multi-servers then you are possible using replication. What’s more, if you are doing this then you are possible servicing more than one geographical location with your infrastructure.

When you manage your first job you may end up archiving a significant quantity of your file system (depending on the settings you selected). For more information click this link.

If this is the case then remember that DFS may have lots of data to replicate. When running the first archive job on a DFS based file system we suggest you:

  • Deactivate the maintenance job.
  • Run the first job.
  • Keep an eye on your DFS replication queues.
  • Once they have cleared, enable the maintenance job.

A DFS based destination

If there are many locations to services and that all use the same DFS root to contact the same DFS root that is simulated across all locations, then you should think about archiving to a DFS root and replicating that to all sites.

While this necessitate 2nd line storage at each location, it also means when users access moved files by stubs\links their request will be served via the local network and not over the WAN connection. Depending on the speed of the WAN connection as well as the size of the file this could speed up the entire process of retrieval.

There are many pricing options accessible such as subscription, perpetual and even free licences. They all provide unbelievable value for your money and they give you the flexibility to choose the best option for you.

All prices are in USD and limited of VAT. Pricing in other currencies is available upon request.

The Free licence

This free licence arrived pre-installed and manages up to 5 scheduled jobs with processing that is unlimited. The only restraintit is limited to 100 files processed with each job. You are welcome to use the free version as and when you require it.

While we want to hear about issues you havewhen using the free version, it does not come with assisted support.

This free licence is accessible to anyone; we have several clients who purchased a full licence in year 1 to do the majority of their processing, then return to the free licence in years 2+.

Subscription licences, made for smaller deployments

Subscription licences offer 2TB of processing a year as well as support an unlimited number of scheduled jobs. It starts at just $1590 a year. Pricing is based on the amount of data you want to move from live system to 2nd line storage each year in TB’s. Unlike other products this pricing is not based on the amount of data just setting in 2nd tier storage. At the end of the day it is your storage, why should you pay someone year after year to use it?

Perpetual licences, scalability from TeraByte to PetaByte

Perpetual licences work on a ‘buy once, use forever’ basis. You make one payment and you use the software for as long as you want. Perpetual licences are not restricted by the quantity of data you process; rather each type supports a maximum number of scheduled jobs configured. Graveyard jobs and the Maintenance job do not count to this total.

They come with a year’s worth of support as well as updates in the price, and this can be renewed annually @20% of the list price at the time of renewal.

Simply email us via with your necessities and we will be happy to offer a tailored quotation created on your precise needs.

We can help counsel on the most cost effective licencing erection, and we can also supply facts of several distributors that we already work with should you rather purchase through a third party.

We takemany payment methods such as PayPal, debit\credit cards, bank payments, cheques and we even offer 30 day payment terms to well-known customers and distributors.

Discounts for multi licence purchases are also available. For further information, please visit this page