These days, music producers are creating new trends: that is how they conquer the world. Let us go through the main aspects of a world-class producer. This is a person that controls the entire process starting with the 1st notes and ending with mastering. Thanks to the technological breakthrough of the recent years, you don’t need expensive studios and/or equipment to become a producer. Today, a producer creates, plays, and promotes his/her own music.

Diversity is the #1 priority in modern-day music, and that means producers need to be well-versed in EDM, Hip-Hop, and Pop. Furthermore, they should also have skills in scoring and mixing. It will be pretty challenging at first, especially for the folks on a low budget, but every big musician in the world goes through this. It’s safe to say that you need to be a one-man-band in order to succeed in the 21st century.

The Work Process

Obviously, it’s very hard to compete with producers that work with big, talented teams backing them up. The famous music makers have the luxury of focusing solely on their art and leaving everything else on the side. Plus, their teams provide new ideas, write lyrics, and help in other ways. Here are the steps involved with creating a solid musical track:

  • Coming up with an idea. It’s not as easy as it sounds. At first, you might be overwhelmed with ideas, but not all of them will be worth it. Find things that inspire you, lift your spirit.
  • Producing the track. It’s one thing to find an interesting idea and an entirely different story to turn it all into music. Put whatever instruments you’ve got at your disposal to good use. A beat, a rhythm, and a melody – that’s all you’ll ever need to create the next big hit.
  • Mixing and mastering. This is the “techy” part. When everything is in place, it is time to put the various parts together and balance the song out.
  • You need to get your music heard – plain and simple. Without this part, it’s all in vain. YouTube and Soundcloud are the beginner’s best friends.

Along with being a producer and mixer, you can also make music for TV shows and commercials or turn into a teacher.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Digital Audio Stations are the software for making music. Cubase, Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, and Pro Tools are the greatest offers on the market. The beginner should go with the FL Start edition or Reaper (they are cheap). Besides, most DAWs have trial versions – make sure to take them for a spin. Or, better yet, wait for the discounts.

VSTs and Samples

These are used to generate sounds and create music. As a general rule, VSTs are complete emulations of existing instruments. Samples, in turn, and just pre-recorded sounds – of drums, mostly. Note: before you post your very first track online, let your friends give you some feedback. It’s not possible to create a “banger” with basic knowledge. Keep working and perfecting your skills. You’ll know when you’re ready, that’s for sure.

How to Deal With the Frustration?

All great musicians had to go through this: after a while, you start to feel like it’s all in vain. Nobody wants to listen to your music and you’re just wasting time. Don’t let the stress beat you! Just do your thing and maybe spend more time on improving your fan base. Whenever you feel like music isn’t fun anymore, try to at least record some tracks or work on the mix for 15-20 minutes.

That will help you “stay afloat” and keep the energy flowing. Now, even if you spend years pursuing a musical career and fail at gaining recognition, all that knowledge will still be super valuable. First of all, since the pink glasses are off, you’ll be able to make better decisions. Second, as mentioned earlier, sound production, engineering, and teaching will also be on the table.

Use the Power of the Internet

Or, better yet, find some people around the world with the same passion. They might be just the right motivation for you and bring the spark back. These days, it’s very easy to share files and protect your musical property. And remember: Patience is the #1 skill a musician has to master.

Remixing is another powerful tool. When you spend days and nights trying to recreate a certain sound, that gives you an incredible skill set for your own songs. Besides, a fancy remix might be your ticket to success. Tyr to introduce something fresh and original; mix African music with Swedish EDM or Polish tunes with American country music – be creative. Fact: experimentation is the only path to greatness. Keep doing that and one day, you’ll reach the top of the international charts!