How to Create Distinctive Business Card with Proper Printing and Designing?

How to Create Distinctive Business Card with Proper Printing and Designing?

Business card introduces your company to potential associates and customers. It is the first marketing tool, especially for majority of small businesses. It is crucial to engage potential customers with these tiny print materials and create an interest, which makes them explore more about your brand.

It is essential to print a simple to read, well-designed, and attractive business card.

Crucial things to consider first while designing business card is information that includes –

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Logo
  • Website link
  • Email address
  • Phone/mobile number

All this info needs to be displayed clearly. Address is not included today, so if there is no sufficient space then avoid it. Make sure to include sufficient information without cluttering the card.

Easy to read

With lots of information, you may try to shrink the font size. Beware, small fonts look readable on the screen but when printed they turn into smudges. Never go small than 8 points and even the font needs to be simple and easy to decipher.

Plain or colourful

Bright colours can make your business card look distinctive [when used correctly]. It is a strategy often used to make the design appear exciting, fresh and original. Power of simplicity should never be underestimated. For example, you can notice how stylish a plain monochromic business card looks.


You wish a black & white colour but to avoid it looking dull emboss the words. The raised words add style and elegance to your business card. Embossing makes card more tangible, according to research.

Colour selection

Your business card colour needs to synch with other branding materials. If there are no specific colours then you will be free to choose a colour scheme. Be careful, while choosing colours because clashy colours look unprofessional and tacky. Ask the printing experts or use colour matching tool online.

Visual content

Written content can be printed on one side and on the other add some visuals related to business. People believe that back side needs to be left blank because no one looks but it is not true. Company logo on back side will look good because it gets imprinted in peoples mind.

Today, public officials and real estate agents use a headshot instead of logo. It is valuable if personal relationship is crucial and people desire to be remembered by their photo.

Borders & bleeds

Avoid borders because printing is not totally precise. An ideal symmetrical border can appear lopsided because of minute movements in printing machines. 3mm bleed is recommended around card edges of same colour for this reason.

Paper thickness

Thicker cards are expensive but make your business look professional. Business cards with thin paper look cheap and tacky. Your visiitkaardid [business cards] need to be thought as a handshake and nobody likes a sagging handshake.


Traditional shape of business card is rectangular – 3.5” x 2”. However, handing a different business card makes your meeting memorable. At Abiprint you can order a folded card or die-cut card like guitar shaped card for musicians or barrel for bar business cards.

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