An Overview of Last Mile Delivery Logistics

An Overview of Last Mile Delivery Logistics

A last mile delivery is simply a term for the final step in delivering purchased goods to their intended recipient. In most cases, the recipient is an individual as opposed to a company. Last mile delivery logistics solutions involve getting the product to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Retailers take a specific interest in this because it affects their business’s bottom line. In today’s world, retailers rely on this in order to succeed. The logistics of the last mile of deliveries is something that retailers are approaching with caution, as a mistake at this point in the process could cost them revenues and customers.

Online shopping has made the logistics more critical now than ever before. With billions of dollars in e-commerce sales made each year, retailers must be properly prepared. Due to the popularity of e-commerce there is a need for delivery services other than the typical USPS, FedEx and UPS services as these services are limited or unavailable in certain regions of the world. Local carriers are an option that retailers are choosing more and more in today’s world.

Providing alternatives for last minute deliveries has become very important to retailers due to the competitiveness of the industry. It has become one of the best ways that they have to beat out their competitors for the consumer dollar.

The logistics of last mile deliveries can sometimes become complicated. This is due to the fact that there is no aspect of the shipping process that is more expensive or time consuming. As a result, the delivery process can be inefficient, frustrating consumers and hurting retailers.

The industry’s plan for improving this is to use advances in technology to make the process more efficient for retailers and their customers. Thanks to the creation of services such as Postmates, crowdsourcing is becoming an alternative to traditional delivery methods. In today’s world it is possible for everyday people to assist in last mile deliveries, getting the job done quicker than more traditional delivery methods would. Urban areas are especially benefitting from this idea, as it is often difficult to quickly complete the last mile delivery in these areas through traditional methods.

In the future, it is likely that the last mile delivery logistics solution will be 100% technology driven. Platforms such as Bringg will likely be a huge part of this new method of ensuring efficient deliveries.